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Teaching (and assessing) neurodivergence has become an important part of my life. I've been in the field as a professional for about 30 years and then had an autistic son (after training). Earlier this year, I realized that I, too, was neurodivergent (empath with sensory processing differences)! 

As I've become immersed in the neurodiversity affirming movement, I've realized several things, the most important being to listen and give crediblity to neurodivergent voices (yes, over the "professionals"!). I'm not autistic and I can say with 100% certainty that an autistic person with one day of lived experience knows more about autism than I will ever know with all my training!

An additional important piece of this paradigm is the realization that there is nothing broken that needs fixing. These are not disorders, but simply neurotype variations. The issues are that those with non-normative neurotypes are not in their optimal environment which is created for neurotypical or neuro-normative beings. And the solution is not to make ND individuals conform to the neurotypical standard, but accept with kindness and compassion that the environment should be made more accessible. Ideally, acceptance of neurotypes should be taught in school instead of expecting ND children to conform to neurotypical standards which are traumatizing and cause emotional harm (e.g. ABA or "social skills" training which teaches ND children to mask).


The programs and app mentioned below were created from my heart to yours, to help address this imbalance in our society. 🤍

I've also created a non-profit foundation, Hug the World, to help provide resources to neurodivergent individuals for assessment, therapy, or other resources. Please click below to find out more (the site will be live in August 2024).


Neurospicy App™

Apart from being a woo woo coach, my other day job is doing psychological autism/ADHD assessments for  adults. My number one recommendation for clients has always been to find a good support network of other ND adults. However, many of my clients are not on social media, are super shy, live in rural areas, and/or are not "out." I couldn't introduce them to each other because of client confidentiality rules so the idea for the Neurospicy app™ was born. The app allows you to toggle between seeking friendship vs romance. Click below to learn more.

ND Hub™

I'm also excited to announce the creation of another joint venture, the ND Hub™! ND Hub™ will be a platform for neurodivergent individuals to make business connections through advertising their businesses, posting jobs, and seeking jobs! There will also be a built-in community for fostering professional collaborations. 


These programs were created with neurodivergent neurotypes in mind but are available to everyone! Some are still in creation mode so please click on the corresponding button to be on the waitlist. Also, please note that I teach in the same way that I like to learn: I prefer to get straight to the point instead of adding "fluffer" content. So my programs may be shorter than you're expecting but they are potent! I am able to condense a lot of information in a concise manner so please don't equate quantity with quality. If you expect to have hours of modules, I'm not the one for you!

Neurodivergence and Self-Compassion 

“It’s Time for Me” 



Financial Freedom

Creating Multiple Streams of Passive Income



Mystical Meditation

Sufi & other heart-led practices


Manifesting from Love

The Gift of Heartful Creation


Meditative Practices for Neurodivergents

Sensory sensitive daily practices

Spirituality and Neurodivergence

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