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A Bit About Me

As a psychologist, I complete adult assessments for autism via telehealth, specializing in women, genderqueer, and trans individuals (my psychology site with credentials is here). As an entrepreneur, I have started more than a dozen businesses, the most recent being an app for making neurodivergent connections called Neurospicy which will be live soon. As a devout follower of Rumi’s lineage, via the Threshold Society, I am a dervish on the “Radical Path of Love” as Sufism is known. Ultimately, all I do and am comes from a soul-deep well of unlimited love and acceptance of all beings as One. Living in heartful presence with a sense of joy is my daily practice. As Rumi says, “turning your very self into sweetness is better than getting you 100 sweets.”

Hi! I'm Dr. Rabia Subhani and I'm a neurodivergent neuropsychologist, a multi passionate entrepreneur, and a heartfulness coach™.
But beyond all these titles, the identities I am most passionate about are Mother and Sufi!

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